Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rice and Chicken or Chicken and Rice??

Whats up everyone!
This week was great! I had some really cool opportunities, and learned a ton. First off, as the district leader, I had the opportunity to give a blessing and participate in others. We had two people who had really bad colds, and one kid who was having a super hard time being away from home. After everyone recieved a blessing they all began to feel better, and everyone was able to continue working hard. The spirit was so strong during those blessings and it was seriously so amazing. I just want to testify that the priesthood is the literal power of God, restored on the earth. We are so blessed to have the priesthood, and at times I think we take it for granted but it really is such an amazing gift and blessing. Today, we recieved new elders and hermanas in the CCM, I wil be sure to put my arm around them and help them out becasue that first week was definitely rough. It is sad, though, because all of the Latino elders that came in with us, left yesterday and are now out in the field. They were the nicest guys ever, and were so incredibly humble, loving, and faithful. They will all be great missionaries, and I'm super jealous they are already out there. 
Fransisco, the fake investigator that we have been teaching, committed to baptism this week! it was awesome. However, we need to continue working with him because he has a problem with smoking, and is having a hard time quitting. Spanish is coming along, poco a poco (little by little). I just need to continue studying hard, and losing myself in this great work. I pray for the gift of toungues, every night, hoping that I will continually progress with my spanish so that I can help my investigators out. Being a missionary is the greatest blessing in the world, I love the constant companionship that I have with the Holy Ghost. Ive never felt the spirit so strongly. At times, days are really hard, and I get frustrated, and doubtful and down on myself, but at times like these, I pray for guidance and support, and I remember all of you at home who are praying for me. Thanks for all the love and support. In Ether 12 verse 6 it says something a long the lines of you dont receive an answewr until after the trial of your faith. I have had many trials, but I know if I humbly perservere them, that I will be blessed and rewarded. My district and companion are so amazing, we are all in the same boat, and all get along so well, and are always able to joke with one another and comfort eachother when we are having a rough time. Same food for every meal, rice and chicken, its pretty funny. We all say 9 times out of ten we are having rice and chicken, the other time we are having chicken and rice. The church is true, and although I miss you all more than I could ever explain, I know that this is where I need to be, and I know that my Heavenly father has prepared many people in Iquitos for me specifically to help. Im so excited to get out in the field. Just four more quick weeks. Also, Im super excited because president Bednar is coming to speak to us this afternoon, and its going to be awesome, He always tell the brutal truth to missionaries, and Im super excited for the spirit that will be felt at that meeting. I miss, and love you all!

Elder Droubay

                                                          Me and Elder Castillo
                                                          Austin and Elder Zagarra

                                                  Austin and his Companion Elder Greene

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