Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Last week in the CCM

Hello Everyone,
It has been another great week here in the CCM. It is crazy to think that I leave to Iquitos on Tuesday next week. I am so excited, but also super nervous. I  feel good about teaching the basic principles of the gospel in spanish, but I am sure that I have a rude awakening coming to me next week. But it will be awesome and I'm so excited. This week has been great. Nothing too exciting, just a lot of hard work and studying. We have had a lot of laughs and good times as a district and have just been trying to make the most out of our limited time here. It has been pretty cool, every monday wednesday and friday, the elders in our District have a testimony meeting and it is amazing to see how much everyones testimony has grown and it is cool seeing the spirit that we bring. I love being a missonary.
So there was a sister companionship that was not getting along and really struggling so they decided that everyone in our district would switch companions so that the Hermanas didn't feel bad. So my new companion is Elder Horton, He is a stud, and we have a ton in common. He is from Syracuse Utah, and played baseball, basketball, and football. I feel like we have been able to help eachother out a ton here, and it has really been a blessing. He also is going to Iquitos, so who knows maybe later in our missions we will be companions again. 
We still have had the same food here everyday, rice and chicken, and we have toast and eggs for breakfast. It´s great though. P days are the best. We go to the temple, which is gorgeous, and then go shopping and then come back and email our families and play soccer. It is a blast. My Spiritual message this week is to have faith. Sometimes I struggle with believing that I am good enough or that I can do this, then I remember that I am not good enough alone, but with Christ I am good enough and I can do this, and I will help many people, with Christ working through me. He is real, he is there, and he loves you more than you could ever imagine. Keep me in your prayers this week as I start my new adventure into the rainforest. I love you guys, and hope everyone is doing well!

Elder Droubay

                                         Elder Droubay and Elder Horton


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