Monday, October 12, 2015

Cutting Lawns In Iquitos...

Buenos Dias!
I hope everyone is doing well and has had an absolutely amazing week because you all deserve it. It’s been a roller coaster week here in Iquitos. Full of some really good things and also some really tough challenges, but it only makes us stronger, right? First off, we have 2 baptisms coming up on Saturday. Tamara, who is 11, and Rosa who is in her 40’s and is the only member of her family who isn’t a member. It has been so amazing and fun teaching them and watching them gain testimonies! I’m not a huge help during lessons with my limited Spanish, but I keep trying and I always bear testimony and I know they can feel the spirit even through my broken Spanish. The tough part this week was that a couple of investigators lost interest, which is a bummer but I keep praying for them. Also, I got a little frustrated with my Spanish because I can’t communicate very well but I need to be patient and trust that it will come. Also, kind of cool, for service this week we were able to help people move dirt for them to build houses and we also got to cut peoples “lawns” (3 foot high patches of grass) with machetes. Haha, I just can’t escape the lawn business I guess. The rain here is crazy. It comes out of nowhere, dumps for 15 minutes, and then goes back to hot and sunny. But I’ve never seen it rain harder in my life than here. Also, the sunsets are so pretty. Even better than the good ‘ole Utah sunset. It really is such a pretty place filled with great people. 

This week I watched a video of an apostle. The message was this, ”take what may come and love it.” This is a good motto that I have definitely been able to apply to my life in the mission. Because for me, it’s been touch and I don’t know why at times it has been so hard, but I know it will be for my good. I just need to accept it and make the most out of it. This is a great message for all of us to apply. We are all going to have hard times and trials and struggles in life. That’s why we are here, to make mistakes, to learn, to change, and to grow. So I challenge all of you, when tough times come, just make the most out of them and keep moving forward, allowing it to make you a better person. I know it’s easier said than done, trust me, but try it. Everything we go through is for our good. We just need to stay strong and follow the teachings of the church and we will be happy, I promise. D&C 6:33-37. Read it, trust it, love it. 

I love you all and I miss you like crazy. At times I get so homesick just thinking about you all. I hope you’re all well and know that I’m always praying for you. Thanks for all of the love and for the birthday wishes. It means the world. I love you guys!

Elder Droubay 

                                                    Elder Droubay and Elder Plaza
                                                 Austin and Elder Plaza in a Mottocar
                                                        Sunsets in Iquitos
                                                                 Houses in Iquitos

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